Wordpress with webinoly and Fast cgi


Hi sir have u made tutorial video of installing wordpress Lemp with webinoly and fast CGI.
Please provide as soon as possible.


Hey, @Wasim_Akram!

Here is the video you have asked for…


Wonderful sir
Tha k you so much.
Lots of thanks. Amazing work done by you.
Fan of yours


Your Welcome… If you face any issue then must let me know…


Yes sir of course. I will definitely ask.
Sir I need to know one more thing.


Can you make one video about migration from one hosting to digital.ocean via server only.
I mean without download and upload and successful migration from start to end full video.
Take time no issue but please do it too.


Of course, I will but it will take time for sure.
I have many ideas for videos, I am trying to be active on YouTube as well.
Please do me a favor, Don’t call me sir, call me Ravi.


Ok i will . No problem.


Do you have any idea about implementing adsense ads unit in theme without using any plugin


Right now I am using auto ads i get very low bad cpc
I read many articles and found that using ad units and planing it on right places revenue can be increase


Noy focusing for Adsense, I am using Affiliate marketing to earn from blog.


I have implemented ad inserter plugin.


You can do it by editing the single-page.php file…
It is simple if you have coding knowledge…


No i dont have any.knowledge about coding.
But one person have given me codes for implement. He said to inder in function.php
But i dont want to take risk so i installed adsense ads internet plugin


If anyone can tell me how to do it please tell.


ask @AbhishekVerma, He is good in that


@Wasim_Akram I will implement all the ads and also teach you How to do it without plugin.

Message me on Twitter.