What is your blogging strategy


Here many bloggers are there. So let’s discuss about our own blogging strategy.
What is your blogging strategy?

  1. How many posts do you publish in a week/month?
  2. How frequently do you update your posts?
  3. How long do you spend for keyword research ?
    4.What tools do you prefer to use for keyword results?
  4. How many posts are ranking in number one written by you?
  5. How many posts from your blog are in first page?
  6. How many blogs do you run?
  7. How long have you been blogging?
    If you want you can share.
    Thanks and regards


I am a Blogger…

In the initial days, I was writing one post every day… But after some months, I realized that Quality matter, Quantity doesn’t…
Now I am writing two or one posts per week but they are long and fully researched…

Every month, I search for blog posts which need to be updated…

Before writing a post I spend almost 15-30 minutes on Keyword research, search posts which are already ranking for the same keywords.

I am using SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner, here is the list of Keyword researching tools which one can read to choose a keyword research tool:Keyword Research! Tools And A-Z Guide-SEO

I have lost some keywords which are ranking on top because of migration, my blog was down that’s why I lost some of them.

Lost huge ranking after migration

I have 2 blogs which are currently running and 3 more domains purchased already and need to start working on them.

I am blogging since Jun 2017.