What are your goals for 2019?


I know, I am a little bit late to ask this question but still, only 2 months have been so we can discuss the goals.

What are your goals with your blog for 2019?


My goals are:
To learn new coding Languages… Like SQL and php…
And I’ll try to make a new web App…


Glad to know and your goals are somehow similar to mine…
I also want to learn coding and want to create my own plugins and themes.
And other goals are…

  • Create a blog network
  • Grow StayMeOnline Forum
  • Want to earn 1000+ dollar per month from affiliate marketing


I can Create a wp theme. . but I want to make my own cms…


It is Awesome… Using PHP?


I can make any static html into wp or blogger theme…
I can even copy someones site design and make a Theme out of it…



Very Interesting, Keep this Up


Write more content on and make it niche focused and Improve the Domain Authority to 50.


Awesome goals, keep it up


I have inspired this article about 20 Best Interactive and Fun Website Examples in 2019 and as I mentioned here on your blog I would like to create my forum or other interactive and live community. Maybe this forum or blog will be connected with art.

I am looking for resources and I plan to start this spring.


Bas chill maarna hai :joy::sunglasses:


Work like everything
And expect like nothing