Tutorial about webinoly+migrating the site from hostgator to digital ocean or any cloud server


Hi Good morning,
I am a blogger who loves to write about information and I don’t have any knowledge about server management. I am so much interested for learning basic things about server management. Like anytime if I gave problem I could migrate my site and to solve any problems related to database.
I have asked these things from many people in forums but they don’t tell.
So here I saw you are helping people. I just want to learn simple and basic knowledge of server management.
Webinoly+fast CGI+ LEMP + Migration of site.

I am always confused what to do after this.
I bade zip file of wp-content and .Db file and transferred it to server then I don’t know what to do in the new server uploading these files.
Please guide me about this.
I will be always grateful to you for this.


Good Morning @Wasim_Akram!
I will definitely publish a tutorial on that just give me some time… I will make this DM a public topic so others can also see this.

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@Wasim_Akram If you want me to do the work, then you can DM me. :slight_smile:

I will move the complete website from Hostgator to Digital Ocean within 1 hour.


Hi, @Wasim_Akram!

Here are the steps you need to follow for Migrating WordPress from Hostgator to Webinoly’s Optimized LEMP server.

First of all, Create a Server (I recommend Ubuntu 18.04), Then Install Webinoly with WordPress site… Read below’s post for this…

And to activate FastCGI in Webinoly follow these commands:

To enable FastCgi:

sudo site domain.com -cache=on

To disable FastCgi:

sudo site domain.com -cache=off

You can also activate it from the creation of your new site as follows:

sudo site domain.com -wp -cache=on

Watch this video to know how to migrate site using All-in-WP Migration

However, I always migrate files using FTP, this makes easy for me and mysql database using PHPMYADMIN.


Sir but for bigger sites it is very hard to migrate using this plugin. I have used it many times and found that migrating less than 1 GB it is good and for bigger than this site.


Then In this case, migrate files and database manually using FTP and PHPMYADMIN.


Sir we can also migrate using server to server after making it zip file.


Yes, why not. It can be done from one server to another.