RankMath SEO: Why It is better than Yoast SEO (Compared)

How many of you tried RankMath?

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins out there for WordPress.

We know! RIGHT?

But there is a new name came in WordPress plugins directory which is growing very fast.

That plugin name is RankMath SEO.

Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress by MyThemeShop. Rank Math Plugin comes with most advanced features and functionality.

It is a free plugin and offering many awesome premium features for free, which Yoast SEO is not offering in Free version.

This is the reason behind its growth…

I heard from many WordPress users and friends of mine about this plugin then I thought I should give it a try…

Features of RankMath:

Focus Keywords: It allows you to add up to 5 focus keyword, In the same place, Yoast SEO Premium version allows you 5 focus keywords and In the free version, you can add only 1 focus keyword.

Google Keyword Suggestion: RankMath has an in-built Google Keyword suggestion features, you will get a list of related keyword while entering your focus keyword… On the other side, Yoast SEO doesn’t have this feature.

Rich Snippets: RankhMath has a rich snippet feature in-built, So you don’t need to download any other plugin for showings rating and reviews. Rank Math can show 14 types of the rich snippet on Google without any other plugin including rating, article, book, software, person, video, event, book, music etc. But Yoast SEO doesn’t have this feature.

Social Media Preview: RankMath allows you to preview how your post will look on Social Media like twitter and facebook after publishing. On the other hand, Yoast has this feature in Premium version only.

No-follow Manager: RankMath has a Nofollow link manager which allows you to quickly add a no-follow tag to any link without touching HTML. So here one more I do thumbs up for Rank Math.

Content SEO Score: Both provide content analysis and provide you SEO Score of a certain post. RankMath provides your score out of :100: where Yoast SEO provides colour signals.

Image SEO: It is automatic to add a keyword in Images which Yoast doesn’t provide.

Sitemaps: Both have an inbuilt function to generate a sitemap.

404 Monitor and Redirect Manager: Both the plugins have this feature, But RankMath has it for free and you need to pay for Yoast SEO.

Social Media Optimization: Social Media Optimization is important for getting more traffic and both have this feature.

Now I hope it’s cleared in your mind why you should choose RankMath SEO…

I am not saying you should choose it because I am using, Instead of this, Just give it a try and then you will happy with the results.

Let me know your feedback by replying this topic.

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I’m also testing it out on my new site…
Let’s see what happens…

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You will get awesome results…:grinning:


I have seen a tremendous result after using rankmath nearly 3 months.
Getting around 1000 keywords ranking in top 3

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Whenever you want to migrate from Rankmath to Yoast then the meta description added during Rankmath will be blanked in Yoast.

I have faced this issue so better use Yoast. Me and my friend both faces this issue.


Thanks for letting us know, everything is working good on my end and I don’t need to migrate vice-versa.

But I can test it on my other blogs.

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I am going to keep rankmath… It is better…
As you said… I’ll try migrating from rankmath to yoast on my test sites…


Of course check it. You cannot migrate if you wish and gave a bigger site using rankmath.


I have seen this issue on my and friends blog


I will also test on my demo websites…

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