Need help for Amazon affiliate website

I am currently working in Amazon affiliate website. But don’t know how does Google work for Amazon affiliate websites.

If anyone here is familiar with Amazon then please guide me and give me ideas.

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You should focus on content. Because, Google doesn’t like websites with Affiliate content only.
You should write great content then do affiliate marketing within that content.

Only affiliate focused website without good content won’t work.


Of course I am writing 60-40 ratio. Means 40% informative posts and 60% affiliate posts. It it enough.

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I totally agree with the @AbhishekVerma. You should provide value to your reader… You should not sell a product, Rather, You should teach them about the pros and cons of the product.

How to use that product? why they should buy? and other things related to the product you are promoting…
And smartly place your link…

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