Importance of long tail keywords


Which kind of keywords do you like to use?

For keyword research I mainly use keywords everywhere and google automatic suggestions.
The main thing to understand in keyword research is to know the competition of that keyword. And that is the most important thing.

People do the mistake here. Let me make it clear to you.
Suppose I am working a post on
“Happy birthday wishes”
It shows very high volume of 8 lakhs and competition is 0. Here We think there is no competition but wait, brother is not that line you are thinking the scenario is completely different.
Don’t worry I will make it clear to you.
Suppose the volume is 800000 and competition is 0.1% then we calculate it
800 that means even it is 0.1% you have to complete with 80000 posts and for reaching to first page you have to work really very hard and there ise ko guarantee that you will ek for this. It needs high DA too for new domain it’s not possible.
As a result you will not rank if you use this keyword.

Then how can we rank for this keyword?
Now I will again go for keyword research and find some keywords whose competition can be easily tracked.

Look at this keyword
Happy birthday wishes for bother in Hindi
Volume 4400 competition is 0
Birthday shayari for brother in hindi
Volume 320 competition is 0.03
If volume is low then you can easily understand the competition now again we calculate it 320*0.03=9.6
Here now it clear that you have to compete with beet less number of competeters.

But wait ek you rank for this easily 'No"
Here also it is not easy to rank. Soi have experimented that lower volume keyword easily rank you for higher volume keywords.
I choose a keyword whose volume is only 10 and competition is 0.
Yesssss … You heard it correct.
As I always search for lowest search volume keyword so that competition should be low. And my post rank easily.
If you have doubt you can ask me.


Discuss your keyword strategy here what you follow to rank your posts.


No doubt, This is the main thing everyone should look to…

This guide is awesome for finding easy to rank keywords and Yes, DA matters a lot.

I always hunt for long tail keywords which is easy to rank, I remember when I launched an Event blog last year.

It took one month for me to rank on the page first on SERPs, And Of course, I got huge traffic on the event.

I usually export excel file of the keyword and related keywords I was searching for and then start filtering then according to Com. KD. Search Volume etc.

And at the end, I will be able to see hardly 5 keywords so start working on them.

This is my Keywords research Process, share your own… I am using SEMrush Keyword Magin Tool for Keyword Research.

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I have hindi blogs. So in keywords everywhere you have to search using hinglish not hindi font. In keywords everywhere it doesn’t work for hindi font.
It is absolutely free to use and very very useful for anyone who is not capable of paying.
This tool can help you rank your post but you have to give time for the keyword research and after that sometime to work for search engine so that it can understand your post and rank it on the google.