Image Optimization


Loading Speed of a blog is a major factor for rankings on Google.
Heavy images are one of the major cause of slow loading Speed. Here’s how you can lower the size of image without loosing the quality of image :

For WordPress Users

  1. Install the WPSmush plugin by WPMUDEV.
  2. After installation, activate the plugin and then follow the video tutorial below:
  1. Now it will automatically compress the images whenever you upload new images

For non-WordPress user
If you’re not a WordPress user, that’s okay. Follow, the steps listed below and that’s it.

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your image
  3. Choose the width & height of compressed image
  4. Click on “Optimize Now!”

Abhishek Verma


WP Smush is the best for optimizing images in WordPress, It automatically optimize images when you upload them in your media.
This is a must know tips you shared.