How To Fix "Earnings at risk" Error In Google AdSense?

Have you got the same error as I got when I opened my Google AdSense Account?

Is that looking like this:

If you see this type of error notification in your AdSense account than your AdSense ad serving will stop and revenue stops.

For fixing this error, you only need to create an ads.txt file and upload it to your website, by doing so, you are giving Google rights to sell your ads inventory.

Ads.txt file contains:

<FIELD #1>, <FIELD #2>, <FIELD #3>, <FIELD #4>

Field #1 – Domain name of the advertising system

Field #2 – Publisher’s Account ID (Required)

Field #3 – Type of Account/Relationship

Field #4 – Certification Authority ID (Optional)

Follow the below steps to fix this error:

  1. Create a .txt file and name it Ads.txt.
  2. Add the below code in the file.

Note: Make sure to replace 0000000000000000 with your Publisher ID which you can find by going Settings>Account Information.

  1. Upload this file into the root directory, you can upload it using it Filezilla or you can download WP File Manager plugin and upload it.

Must share this guide with other AdSense Publishers and help them to fix this error.


Already done it thanks for this process many others will follow.
Actually they re changing some ad styles so they will have some plan ad stricting on using ads.txt file.

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I just noticed this recently. Because, it has been a month since I opened my adsense dashboard. Also, I noticed that new sites cannot be added to our adsense account without approval.

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Yes, you are right @nirmalkumar1997!

Now new websites need approval…

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Honestly, this was an easy error to fix. You just need to put an ads.txt file containing your publisher id to your website. After a day or two, this will be fixed.


Yes, The above’s step by step guide will help in the same.