How to disable Google AMP from WordPress site?


How Many Of You Are Using AMP?

I was using AMP on my WordPress site, I was thinking that it is providing a mobile-friendly environment for mobile users.

I was wrong, It only makes your website loads faster. But when we talk about the design or layout of an AMP enabled website, then it is not appreciable.

My Google Search Console always update mine with the latest errors which were occurring because of AMP only.

And here are the report of Site Audit by SEMrush…

I was always trying to solve some of the errors, but now it is enough.

Only having a fast loading mobile website with a terrible design is not good, as far the branding is very important. You should take action against to grow your blog.

So, I have disabled the AMP from my website. I am thankful to GulshaKumar for his research about this topic which made easy for me to do this.

Here are the three steps which you need to follow to disable Google AMP from your WordPress site.

  • Remove the link rel="amphtml" from the non-amp pages.

Note: Do not deactivate or delete the AMP plugin you are using on your site or create any redirect, otherwise your visitors will see this error screen.


So, You need to install a Plugin called Real-Time Find and Replace to make this process automatic and faster.

After installing the plugin, Go to Tools > Real-Time Find and Replace…

Make sure to Check Use Regex, then in the find field type exactly <link rel="amphtml" href="(.+)" > and leave Replace field blank. At the last, Click on Update Settings.

  • Setup NOINDEX for AMP pages

This is an important step to avoid duplicate content indexing as in the last steps we have removed rel="amphtml" from the website header.

Note: this step is for AMP for WP plugin, I was using another plugin so I uninstalled the plugin and install AMP for WP and then follow the same step. If you are also using another plugin then follow this.

Go to AMP for WP>Settings then SEO and add below meta code to the head section…
<meta name=“robots” content=“noindex,follow”/>

This process will not affect the ranking of your canonical (Non-AMP) pages.

  • Resubmit SiteMap

For resubmitting Sitemap, Go to Google Search Console > Property > Sitemaps.

And resubmit your sitemap.

And It is done…

You can check AMP Index Status by going Search Appearance> Accelerated Mobile Pages .

You need to keep your AMP plugin Activated till you get 0 indexed AMP pages.

If you still have any query then just let me know.