Google update and loss of ranking


One important thing to share…
If you know keyword research very well and find longtail keywords to use in your post. Then it’s really awesome because it is surely going to rank your post.

Second and the most beneficial thing…
You will never get affected by any google update you use longtail keywords. You just care to keep you generic word between 1-2%. And use LSI keywords. Then I promise you are never less than your competitors.

Just keep in mind to use your long tail keywords for which you want to rank in

  1. First paragraph
  2. Title
  3. Permalink
  4. Heading 2
  5. Last paragraph
  6. Meta description



Awesome tips, thanks for sharing


Most welcome I like it if someone get benefit.


We should use long tail keywords and LSI keywords only 2-3 times in whole content. Like in first and last paragraph that’s enough.
And use them in heading.
For ranking use one by one them in description and title.
In yoast we have a special thing that in title we can use different longtail and in also yoast seo we can write another title, which will help you rank your post for two ponytail keywords simultaneously.
If any one want to see I will show the proof of my post.