Google Adsense Earnings Calculator

I just created a simple tool to estimate how much we can earn from our Adsense account every month using our Page views and Page RPM.

Adsense Earnings Calculator

I just made this for all beginners to understand the reality of how much you could really earn out of Adsense. Beginners get mesmerized with the income reports of Famous Bloggers. But, the reality is different. Not all could get so much traffic and so our earnings.

Also, at the bottom of this tool, I am planning to list out Page RPM for different niches. So, if possible, could you guys check your Adsense account and let me know the Page RPM for a month along with your niche?

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Hey, @nirmalkumar1997!

This tool is awesome and quite simple to use, It will be very helpful for beginners.

My Adsense Page RPM is 0.59$ for this month, Niche you already know.