Difference between managed vultr vs unmanaged vultr.?

I am looking to host my website on the vultr hosting. My friend referred my two different types of hosting. One was powered by the conventional vultr hosting which costs around 2.5$ - 3.5$

Whereas the other option consists of managed vultr dedicated hosting which is powered by Cloudways and costs around 11$/month.
By the way I am talking about the basic server that is available. So, what do you think should be my pick. I am looking to host technology related website.

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Hi, @JulieWood!

First of all welcome to StayMeOnline Forum.

Now get back to your question, It totally depends on you if you are familiar with deploying a server and installing/migrating your website on it then you should choose Vultr hosting plan which will cost you cheap than Cloudways.

And if you want an optimized server and experts who can install or migrate your website to Cloud server and you don’t know how to do all these tasks.

Then you can choose Cloudways.

But my suggestion is, you should go with Vultr because it is very easy to install a website, Or, you can hire anyone for this task which will cost you around 10$ one time.

You can save extra charges that you will have to pay to Cloudways every month.